September 2016

I've been busy doing freelance work with a number of authors. Keeping busy and trying to get more of my own writing finished. Watch soon for a longer version of A Hallowe'en Tale. I will keep you posted as things are completed.

Heading to the Surrey International Writers Conference in October. This is usually so much fun! I can't wait!

News For April 2016

From Author Donna Jean McDunn:    Books One (Nightmares) and Two (Visions) in The Nightmares Series have been published and we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Book Three, Premonitions, which will be coming soon from MuseItUp Publishing in the young adult section. These books are paranormal suspense for teens and young adults. Great stories!

From Author Rosemary Morris:     In the Historical Romance genre: False Pretences, Far Beyond Rubies, Sunday’s Child is about to be followed by Monday’s Child, the second in the series of Regency Romances, Tangled Love, and The Captain and The Countess, are all wonderful adventure, historical romances. Rosemary writes great heroines and outstanding villains.

From yours truly, V. L. Murray: My short story Huntin’, a paranormal suspense thriller, came out in 2014 and is available from MuseItUp Publishing and where all e books are sold. I also self-published a book of prayers, Prayers, A Little Book Volume One, on CreateSpace and Kindle. It is available on Amazon in hard copy and e copy.

From Author Carolyn Rae: A Romantic suspense, Romancing the Gold, should be followed soon by others in the series. These are fun chick books. Lots of love and action in the jungle!

Marilynn Tebbit, author of Pool Party, published by MuseItUp Publishing in 2013, has just let me know her next book is coming across my desk very soon. Looking forward to more of the wit and charm of the talented Canadian author!

News for March 2013

Lots of things have happened since last year. From J. Troy Seate, we have a new novel, Connor House, a rather scary little number set in the post civil war period of the U.S. Right now, you can buy his first Novella, Something About Sara and Connor House for one low price. Check the bookstore at the following link.

Troy also has a new blog. Here's the link:

Rosemary Morris has been hard at work and turned out a regency romance novel, False Pretences, and an historic romance from the Queen Anne Stuart period of England called Far Beyond Rubies. Both are full of adventure and romance.  and

My new author, Donna Jean McDunn's first novel will becoming out in May. It is called Nightmares and is a young adult work suitable for the highschool crowd.

Thomas L. Peters has written a number of books which are all available from his website or on


News for October 2012:

T. L. Peter’s The Boy Who Delivered the Wind is now available through MuseItUp Publishing and Amazon as well as a few other places. This is a Tom Sawyer kind of tale and Tom is definitely another Mark Twain when it comes to writing. He sure has the touch. I adored this book and An Imperfect Miracle, another one of his literary gems.  Keep your eyes on Tom. He can sure write great stories. Go to and scroll down to the cover in recent releases or simply search the author or product search engine on the site to find it. Tom also has his own site where all his work is highlighted. Love the Jake Stone stories, as did my husband.


You also will find on Muse…

J.Troy Seate’s new novella Something About Sara. Now there’s a creepy story you don’t want to read too late at night. It’s available as an ebook both from Muse and Amazon and others. This is a super scary story with a little spice. Guys and girls will both like this supernatural tale of murder with a little paranormal thrown in to shake things up. Troy is a master story teller with quite a few hits under his belt. Watch for another of his works, Connor House, to be available from Muse next year.

Rosemary Morris has two books available from Muse right now, Tangled Love and Sunday’s Child. False Pretences will be coming out next year. These are wonderful historical romances, full of excitement, action and adventure. Rosemary creates the most  feisty heroines, romantic heroes and really nasty villains. Anyone who loves British History will love these tales.

And finally...

My own short story A Hallowe’en Tale will be coming out this month from Muse. I’ll keep you posted about the release date. Also please check out my new blog Natter and Review. It is dedicated to books, both the writing and the reading. I will be sharing reviews and interviews. There are a couple of posts on there right now, a book review of Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay and an interview with author, poet, editor and animal activist, Nancy Marie Bell. So please be sure to drop by and leave your comments.          That's all folks!

News for July 2012

July 19,2012

Check out for the latest from Rosemary Morris. Sunday's Child is now available for purchase as an ebook. Rosemary Morris is a Romance writer who specializes in historic fiction. She writes often in the Regency Period of England. Her characters are very strong, the descriptions are vivid and her villains nasty. I have rapidly become a fan after working with Rosemary as one of her Muse editors. She also has a very informative blog. Search on our Muse website for her name and it will bring up all her information. We published Tangled Love earlier and False Pretences is in the final editing stages as we speak. Please check out Rosemary's work. E books are available from our site in pdf as well as kindle and other formats. E books are an inexpensive way to pass the time. And with a Regency author, like Rosemary, you get historic action from the British wars with Napoleon, a glimpse into the customs and daily life of the period, as well as beautiful descriptions of the incredibly colourful fashions of the time. I would love to see Rosemary's work on the big screen. It would be simply outstanding! Move over Jane comes Rosemary Morris! Get online today and order Sunday's Child, Tangled Love and watch for soon to be released False Pretences.


New for March 2012:

Check out for the latest in all your literary needs. Nic Brown's A Grave St. Patrick's Day came out this month in time for the actual Saint Patrick's Day. If you like zombies and lots of action, this one's for you. Take note of the content editor, that would be yours truly. Hope you enjoy this fun short story. Check out Nic Brown's author page on the MuseItUp Site and see what else he has been up to. Nic's personal website is and he has three novels out already. For those of you who like werewolves etc. and lots of thrills, Nic's your man.

Other action in March: Author Nancy Marie Bell ( now has two of The Cornwall Adventures out in ebooks and one of them in hardcover. Laurel's Miracle and A Step Sideways are both available from . I couldn't put either of them down. These are must reads for anyone who loves the mythology of the British Isles--especially the Cornwall area--or the legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Her new book Christmas Storm comes out this month. I can't wait. All you dog lovers better get a copy especially if you like a little romance thrown in to warm your heart. Nancy is a proud Albertan and you can meet her at the Surrey International Writer's Conference in October if you wish to get a hardcover autographed. At MuseItUp every Friday is 'new release day'. So please check out our bookstore on Fridays!

Back in November of 2011 Muse released Glancing Through The Glimmer by author Pat McDermott. I did the line edits on that one. This is an outstanding story for young people of any age that brings the fairies of Ireland to life and addresses the question: What if? I loved every minute of it. Check it out on our MuseItUp website.

Other authors to watch for: Thomas L. Peters Tom is one of my authors whose book The Boy Who Delivered The Wind will be coming out soon. I'll keep you posted. Check out Tom's blog and see all his great books. I have read several and he has quite a collection to be proud of. An Imperfect Miracle, very similar in style to the one I am working on at present, is available on Amazon. Also The Jake Stone series, fun to read. The husband couldn't put them down and neither could I. Remember all ebooks can be purchased and then downloaded to your computer; you don't need a tablet to read them.

J. Troy Seate is another author with whom I am working. His novella Something About Sara will be coming out this year. Check out his website to find out what else he has written.

Rosemary Morris is a Historical Romance author. We are working together on her novel Sunday's Child. It's a wonderul romance set in the Regency period of England. There is lots of action and adventure. We also published her novel Tangled Love in January of 2012. It is a romance set in the time of Queen Anne. I will keep you posted on the work of this author. Check out her website

That's all for now! Happy Reading!

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