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Lynne offers editing for all authors including the independent book author, web designer, or writer of any kind. No job is too large or too small. 

With a background in literary, non-fiction, fiction, e book, magazine and educational editing, and the experience of being a Publishing House editor for several years, Lynne will cater to your individual needs while keeping you abreast of current likes and dislikes in the writing market.

She offers an extremely affordable editing package to take your work from a rough manuscript to a finished product you can be proud of.

She offers assistance in promotional and social media set-up as an included benefit.

Lynne also offers a pre-submission package and includes advice and pitfalls to watch out for in the publishing world.

Rates for Small Projects: $25.00 per hour for basic content and line edits or $1.50 per page.

Large Projects: Edits can run from $350.00 to more than $700.00 U. S. depending on the length of the manuscript and the quantity of work required. Manuscripts can take from one month to six or more to whip into shape. While many editors charge as much as $3500.00 to edit a book, Lynne doesn't believe anyone can afford that unless they are already wealthy. And so she keeps her rates low.

Work is done entirely online. The process consists of going through your manuscript, usually in small segments, and honing it to perfection. Work is done using track changes in Word, going back and forth, adjusting and improving along the way. Turnaround for small segments is usually once a week or more often.

For manuscripts under 100 pages, edits might be done in one complete process and then returned to the author. 

Please get in touch with Lynne if you are interested. She has limited openings for larger projects at any one time.

Payments can be made through paypal.

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From Author Barbara T. Cerny:

I met Lynne by happenstance when she said she'd do a review of my third novel, Tressa. Her review was nice but her demand to make it EPIC was even better. She really helped me undestand "Craft" as meant by traditional publishers. I struggled for a year to do a second edition, putting it in third person-limited voice omniscient, adding period language, rounding out the relationships, adding eighty pages of rich, historical story. Then she got a hold of it and the Professional House Editor in her made Tressa sing! Lynne's astounding ability to take descriptions written from my imagination and bring them to life has given the novel a depth and meaning I didn't expect. She must spend hours researching time periods and locations, as her edits are based upon historical fact, adding a true fullness to my work. She captured the tone of my voice perfectly, so much so that the latest review of Tressa started with, "Exquisitely told, powerful and thoroughly enjoyable, Tressa is a must read for fans of Historical Fiction and is recommended without reservation." I feel that I just haven't found an editor, I have found a partner. 

Barb Cerny, author of: Of Angels and Orphans, Grays Hill, Tressa, Shield of the Palidine, The Tiefling and Magic Thief of Gavalos. 

From Author J.T.Seate:

Lynne Murray has edited three of my novellas. Not only has she the ability to find those annoying little typos and dangling phrases, but she has a plethora of website reference information for additional research on technicalities. I have worked with numerous publications and editors over the last ten years, and I've been extremely pleased with Lynne's vast knowledge and sensitivities to what an author is trying to articulate, and then improving the product.
Lynne's turnaround time is the best I've encountered, creating minimal time from drafts to publication. Our three collaborative novellas are MuseItUp's Something About Sara, Connor House, and the upcoming
A Resting Place. Working with Lynne has created a friendship as well as a business associate. Please feel free to contact me if you care for more information. J. T. Seate, Blog:   

From Author Rosemary Morris: 

I am delighted to have Lynne Murray as my contents editor. I like her method which involves working on four chapters at a time, and discussing any changes she suggests which I disagree with. Lynne never tries to impose her opinions on me, something I really appreciate. Lynne is not only my contents editor, she has also become a good friend whose judgment I trusted as we worked quickly on my historical novels: Sunday's ChildFalse Pretences and Far Beyond Rubies. At the moment, I am looking forward to working with her on my new novel The Captain and The Countess.
Rosemary Morris
Historical Novelist.   

From Author Donna Jean McDunn:

My name is Donna Jean McDunn, and I am the author of Nightmares. Lynne Murray was my editor. As a new author, I had many questions and she was always willing to answer them, no matter how silly they might be. Turnaround time was efficient and professional, yet she was friendly and helpful in explaining why she felt something didn't work. She also listened to any of my objections and reasons for wanting certain paragraphs or statements left in the final edit and many times, after learning of my reasons, agreed the piece should be left in. When we disagreed, she would patiently explain why it needed to change or be eliminated and I soon learned her feedback was invaluable and made my work stronger. I'm looking forward to working with her again in the future. 

Donna Jean McDunn

Author of Nightmares A Young Adult Paranormal Fiction Novel

From Author T.L.Peters:

Lynne Murray and I worked together on my YA novel, The Boy Who Delivered The Wind, published by MuseItUp Publishing. Lynne was always meticulous, professional and timely with her edits.  The story was loaded with regional dialogue, and she demonstrated an uncanny ability to pick up the accents of the various characters and weave them consistently through her edits. 

She found numerous slight flaws in the sense of the narrative that I would never have spotted.  She consistently went the extra mile to ensure that the text was at the highest possible level, yet without being overbearing or officious. I enjoyed how she broke the manuscript into sections as we went along rather than attempting to edit the entire novel in one unmanageable bite. It was and excellent experience and the book benefited from her work immensely.  She is an editor of the first order. 

Tom Peters

The Boy Who Delivered the Wind is available from MuseItUp Publishing at  as an ebook and should be out next year in hardcover. 

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