I wrote this poem on April 13, 2010. It's one of my favourites and is from my Autumn Collection. I hope you enjoy it, too.




The fire has burned down,

Glimmers of ashes and embers ~

Glow red, in the last moments of



We still move.

Our bodies tired from the forever

Twists and turns,

The spins and whirls of our dance,

Our link to Earth and Sky

Mirrored in movement.


Braids fly free,

Hair, grey and silver,

Loosened in the dawning light,

Wildly tossed as if the wind

Blows through us.


We are the Windigo ~

We are the Dust Devils of the Air.

Lord Vayu in all His forms

Touching and pawing the



Our energy builds and builds

In a crescendo of frenzy.

And then the Sun



The Dawn has come and

Lord Surya calls us to stop,

To breathe.

To fill our lungs

Once again.


We gasp, as our age reminds us

Of the wildness of the night,

We sink to our knees and

Then the Mother.


Remembering the journey,

Remembering our dance ~

We breathe.


Copyright April 13, 2010 V.L.Murray





Here's a poem from my Winter Collection. I wrote this about my beautiful horse Prepita who passed away March 16, 1996. Gone but not forgotten... 


Perhaps In Heaven


I remember riding my horse

On cold winter days,

Listening to her blustery breath

Steaming from her nostrils

Like a locomotive

Puffing down the tracks.


My horse loved the winter.

She would toss her head and

Run and jump and

Skid and twirl like

A four legged skater,

Majestic in her dance.


Being on her back

At such times of

Magnificent choreography,

Could be both a

Challenge and wondrous joy,

As she abandoned herself

To fearless exuberance.


To experience her lightness of being,

Her ripple of joyful flight,

To feel it again would be


To see her run, face buried in the snow,

And then reaching toward the heavens

With sparkling white muzzle and glistening whiskers...

Would gladden my heart beyond all remembrance.


Perhaps in heaven,

She plays in winter's white.

Perhaps in heaven, she runs yet again,

Dancing in eternal winds of snow.

Copyright V.L.Murray Dec.21,2008






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