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As each of us struggle along the often bumpy road of life, we come face to face with obstacle after obstacle. Some of us find ourselves so discouraged by these bumps in the road that we lose perspective about life in general and become extremely depressed.

I have found when things are the most difficult, the best prescription for overcoming angst and sorrow is to simply reach over and give another a helping hand. Almost immediately, the act of helping another lightens the load of our own burden.

It is said in the teachings of the East, that all humans are programmed internally to serve. But today in our crazy world, we have become distracted and have learned to often serve ourselves, our habits, desires, cravings, or passions before we serve those who truly need assistance.

Almost all world-wide representations of the Divine suggest serving others as if we are serving God. Jesus certainly epitomized the ultimate act of service when He gave Himself as a sacrifice for the future of each of us and mankind in general.

It is hoped that this space will offer some ideas and inspirational insights into understanding that which is beyond our material world, and yet so much a part of that very realm.

May the Peace of God be with each and every one of you.

V. L. Murray


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